Uh Um Uh? I don’t know the title! Do you think I’m stupid! You: Yes!

I’m really working on the random page a lot so check it every day!


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Cool Picture

Note: Sorry! The picture didn’t upload for some reason so I gave you this! It is on the random page!


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Ok people I am getting a Pokemon Platinum Guide soon! Pokemon Platinum came out today so I am getting it. Also the pokemon movie Girantina and the Sky Warrior is a good movie! It comes out the 31st! See you around!

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Action Replays

Attention all Action Replayish peoples! I will be making a page with action replay codes! Heres a random poll:

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Shaymin Sky Form

I figured out how to get Shaymin Sky Form in Platinum! In the begining of the game you get a Garicada Flower. Once you catch Shaymin Land Form on Route 224, give it the flower for Shaymin Sky Form.

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New Video

Hey you guys heres a new video. It will shortly be added to the Videos page on the right.

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Site is Ready!

Welcome! Visit this site evryday for tricks, cheats, walkthrough, pokedexs and more! But the National Pokedex page on the right, isnt done. So we will have something new on the homepage every1, 2, or 3 days!

They had Darkrai The Rise of Darkrai with Dialgla and Palkia                                      

They had Shaymin Girantina and the Sky Warrior with Girantina                           

Next will be Arceus with Heatran

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